Organisations applying for CSR should refer to FAQs. Upon submission of Concept Note and budget, the MCB forward Foundation will assess project and conduct site visits. These will allow us to assess the social needs of our regions while interacting with the relevant stakeholders at grass-root level


Absolute Poverty and Community Empowerment

The exclusion of any individual from society affects not only the individual, but his family and the community at large. MCB Forward Foundation fosters income generation activities which are designed to maximise quality of life.

Rs 18.6 M Budget disbursed
10 Projects
6000 Beneficiaries

Socio Economic Development

The MCB Forward Foundation works with NGOs for the empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable persons and focuses on sustainable initiatives that will increase the overall quality of life of through educational, rehabilitative and preventive services.

Rs 17.4 M Budget disbursed
18 Projects
5000 Beneficiaries

Welfare of Children

Children are the pillars on which a country rests its future. Their rights and privileges need to be secured to assure their fullest possible development. The MCB Forward Foundation invests in projects which equip children to face future responsibilities as well as modern challenges.

Rs 12.2 M Budget disbursed
12 Projects
2000 Beneficiaries


MCB Forward Foundation believes in and promotes culturally appropriate health interventions among vulnerable populations. Health care professionals must be provided with necessary tools to ensure that appropriate and effective care is provided to patients. MCB Forward Foundation invests in the development and promotion of health activities and interventions for disadvantaged and marginalized beneficiaries.

Rs 0.7 M Budget disbursed
2 Projects
1000 Beneficiaries