23 April 2018

In Mauritius, the lack of paediatric psychiatrists challenges the importance attributed to the mental health of children. Paediatric psychiatry, which is the only medical speciality which studies mental deficiencies in children and teenagers, is a full suite of treatment and care. The new paediatric psychiatry centre, which has been set up in collaboration with OpenMind, will now provide a holistic approach to the problem and has a much better chance in providing long-term solutions for children having such issues. 

OpenMind has been set up in 2010 and MCB Group has been financing numerous projects thereat since 2011. As at today, 252 children with different mental health issues have been taken care of, through a series of programmes involving hortitherapy, theatre and group/individual play. Since 1st March 2018, the new paediatric psychiatry centre focuses on two main objectives: encourage the social, educational and familial inclusion of children and the creation of partnerships with mental health professionals. OpenMind has welcome Dr Michel Grappe, a Paris-based paediatric psychiatrist, who has had exploratory work sessions in Mauritius during the month of March. One of his recommendations is the setting-up of a day-care centre at OpenMind.