At MCB Group, there is a firm belief that our success is intrinsically tied to the well-being of the communities in which we live and work, hence the commitment of the Group to continuously support sustainable development and inclusive growth within these communities. Espousing the same philosophy, MCB Forward Foundation acts as the point of convergence for the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the Group.

Whether as part of the deployment of its own initiatives or in assisting NGOs in their endeavours, MCB Forward Foundation strives to assist beneficiaries directly or indirectly in developing the skills, knowledge, attitudes and level of self-awareness necessary to improve their situation sustainably and assume the responsibility thereof.

This unwavering commitment to empowering beneficiaries strongly underpins the strategic orientation of the Foundation and permeates as far as possible through all initiatives in which it is engaged.


To develop and support sustainable initiatives for the
benefit of the community in which we live and work.


To be instrumental in the creation of sustainable value
for the social, environmental and economic well-being.

Our Value Proposition


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