MCB Forward Foundation

Our vision is to be instrumental in the creation of sustainable value for the social, environmental and economic well-being of society.

About the Foundation

MCB Forward Foundation was officially launched in September 2010 to manage the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of MCB Group more effectively and efficiently. It has continuously geared up its capabilities to act as an adequate point of convergence for the design and implementation of specific initiatives intended to further our engagement with society and its people.

Our Services


We are committed to implement sustainable initiatives in Rodrigues.


The MCB Football Academy contributes to the social progress of the regions in which it operates.


We empower individuals through the funding of projects.


Align CSR with existing business objectives

Measure and evaluate projects

Allocate appropriate human resources and budget

Communicate strategically

Empowerment of beneficiaries

Foster partnerships

Establish a structured employee volunteering programme


Don't hesitate to contact us for additional info

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