Our Story


Throughout its history, MCB Group has been closely involved in promoting the community's interests, as gauged by its unrelenting support of worthy causes through multiple initiatives designed to contribute to the welfare of society at large. Driven by the belief that investment in communities is a fundamental part of its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, MCB Group reached another milestone in terms of its social engagement in January 2010 with the creation of MCB Forward Foundation as a stepping stone towards more effectively and efficiently managing its Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

The Foundation

As the focal point for the social involvement of MCB Group, MCB Forward Foundation aims at creating sustainable value for the community's social, environmental and economic well-being through providing human, logistical and financial resources to earmarked initiatives on behalf of the Group alongside developing strategic partnerships with committed stakeholders.

Our Services

Since its inception in 2010, MCB Forward Foundation has been active, either directly or based on its collaboration with NGOs, in various fields relating to the eradication of absolute poverty, support to vulnerable groups, the preservation of Mauritius’ natural and cultural heritage, education and sports, as well as the provision of technical and logistical assistance to NGOs.


MCB Forward Foundation taps into an array of resources made available by MCB Group, encompassing in particular:

CSR Funding

Annual CSR funding representing 2% chargeable income of each of the Group’s subsidiaries for the preceding year.


MCB’s extensive network of 40 branches, enabling the Foundation to respond in a prompt and targeted manner to the social needs of the various regions while ensuring proximity at grassroots level.


A team of dedicated professionals having a proven track record in social work.


Socially responsible staff from MCB having predispositions for volunteer work.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Entities liable to CSR shall remit to the MRA an additional 25% of their CSR funds (thus raising the total amount of CSR remitted from 50% to 75%) as from January 2019. However, the Budget 2018-2019 makes provision for entities to continue using this additional 25% for the programmes they currently support, subject to approval by the National CSR Foundation.

Our Philosophy

Our Value Proposition


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