MCB Forward Foundation in Rodrigues

MCB has been present in Rodrigues since 1990 and has always considered that Rodrigues has its place in the development of our region. The presence of MCB Forward Foundation in Rodrigues allows for a better understanding of the needs of Rodriguans and which, in turn, enables sustainable partnerships.

MCB Football Academy

On Saturday 27th June 2015, MCB Forward Foundation officially launched its second MCB Football Academy (MCBFA) in Rodrigues. Located at Petite Butte, the academy is the sixth one of its kind. Since 2008, five other academies are functioning in Saint Hilaire, Camp Levieux, Pailles, Poste de Flacq and Patate Theophile. Hundred children (boys and girls) from Petite Butte and surrounding areas train every Saturday on the football ground.


Through MCB Forward Foundation, MCB Group has developed numerous projects with Non-Government Organisations in Rodrigues. MCB Forward Foundation works to deepen social ties between MCB Group and the public. Our presence in Rodrigues is clear evidence of the special place they hold in the heart of MCB Group.


Since 2000, a scholarship has been granted to Rodriguan students enrolled at the University of Mauritius. The MCB Rodrigues Scholarship Scheme subsidises the full-time course and a student's living cost for three years, subject to eligibility criteria.


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MCB Rodrigues Scholarship
Launch of MCBFA

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MCB Football Academy

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