Cité Tôle Project Timeline

The Cité Tôle Project

The Cité Tôle area was developed in 2002-2003 as an unplanned and unapproved extension of Cité La Chaux, with a lack of proper infrastructure and squatters building houses in shingles, with barely any basic amenities.

In 2012, MCB Forward Foundation was contacted by a non-profit organisation working with families in the region to initiate a social housing project at Cité Tôle. The implementation of the project started with a qualitative and quantitative study which revealed that the area had no basic infrastructure and amenities and that there were many psycho-social issues rampant in the community, amongst which unemployment or unstable employment (mainly in the construction industry), sexual abuse, family conflicts, substance abuse, and alcohol.

This was followed by a case profiling for 25 families, which were initially earmarked for the social integration project and the recruitment of 2 social workers on a full-time basis from 2013 to 2017 to accompany the families. Life skills programs were also implemented to assist them in addressing and dealing with their psycho-social issues.

« San MCB Forward Foundation, sa ti pou pran mwa pli lontan pou vinn proprieter mo lakaz. »

Cleaning of Barachois Rochecouste

Adjacent to Cité Tôle is the Barachois Rochecouste, which has been vested to the MCB Forward Foundation by the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping to develop the barachois with as its objective, the creation of alternative livelihoods to the coastal communities of Cité Tôle and Cité La Chaux.

In June 2014, an oceanographic survey was conducted in the barachois to evaluate marine biodiversity and identify sustainable livelihood opportunities. This was followed by a visit in June 2015 to the Albion Fisheries Centre to understand the basics of aquaculture.

In May 2016, a cleaning exercise was initiated near the Barachois Rochecouste and in the vicinity of Cité Tôle with the help of staff from MCB and with members of the neighbouring community. A much more extensive cleaning exercise was also done in the barachois in March 2017 with the help of 30 inhabitants who worked with a professional service provider for three weeks to perform this important clean-up initiative. Over 134 tons of waste materials were extracted from the Barachois during this period.

Following this activity, 1,000 sea bream juveniles were introduced in the barachois under the aegis of the Albion Fisheries Centre.

Laying the groundwork

After having accompanied families earmarked for social housing projects since 2013, MCB Forward Foundation was ready for the construction phase.

Preliminary works started in October 2017, and the construction phase then started in February 2018, once all authorisations had been duly obtained from the authorities. MCB Forward Foundation hired a building contractor and a consultant for the construction of housing units for 6 families. The houses were then handed over to the families in November 2018.


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