In the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility, MCB Group, under the aegis of the MCB Forward Foundation (MCBFF) has implemented a comprehensive social integration project at Cité Tôle, Mahebourg. The project entails the implementation of an integrated social housing project for six low-income families of Cité Tôle. The project was aimed at providing decent housing facilities to these families, offering them sustainable sources of income, and assisting various psycho-social issues which are rampant in their community. The MCB Forward Foundation has provided support to the families involved in regards to psycho-social issues since 2013 and has also accompanied them in their journey to find alternative sources of income. The construction of houses then represented one further step in the integrated project and was launched in October 2017. The brand new housing units were then delivered in October 2018.


Our approach

A qualitative and quantitative study of Cité Tôle was conducted in 2012 - the study revealed a lack of basic amenities and infrastructure in the neighbourhood and a lack of basic amenities within the housing units themselves. The inhabitants work mostly in the construction industry and have no stable employment - most of the children, however, attend school. The study also highlighted health issues such as substance abuse and alcohol, and the prevalence of family conflicts.
2 Social Workers
25 Case Profile
100 Community Awareness

Group Sessions

73 group sessions were undertaken on various subjects such as sexuality, substance abuse and conflicts management.

Group Sessions
73 Group Sessions

Axes of intervention

5 beneficiaries were referred to special education needs schools, resulting in increased self-esteem and improvement in academic results as well as positive behavioural change.

Individual counselling sessions, 159 couple counselling sessions, 27 follow ups and referrals to other health services were undertaken. A food aid program for 3 families was also implemented as well as psycho-social accompaniment for 11 beneficiaries.

Job Profiling
Profiling of 20 women to identify skills and training needs for appropriate job referrals was carried out.

3 Axes of Intervetion

Integrated Projects

3 youths completed the "Project Employabilité Jeunes" training course offered by Beachcomber and 2 of them are currently employed at the Shandrani and Preskil hotels.

An 8-month workshop as well as 14 awareness sessions were held, in which 8 women of Cité Tôle participated. These were part of our Employability and social integration program. 15 training sessions on alternative livelihood opportunities were also held, focusing on the nearby Barachois Rochecouste.

Adult literacy program
6 months workshop for 15 participants from Cité Tôle

Barachois Community Project
A core team comprising 8 beneficiaries was set up for the implementation of an Aquaculture Farm in Barachois Rochecouste near Cité Tôle. 15 training sessions on livelihood opportunities were held in this context.

3 Axes of Intervention


6Grand Port District Council
5Legal aid
8Ministry of Housing


In the context of the Integrated Social Housing project of Cité Tôle – a Waste Management Program was initiated with the aim of creating an awareness on waste management in the community and also in order to sensitise the inhabitants, irrespective of their age groups, on waste management and the protection of the environment.

Sensitisation workshops were held with a group/core team comprising 12 adults, from March to August 2017, and an awareness program was conducted in March 2017 targeting 32 children.

Sensitisation programs on aquaculture and waste management were also conducted in June 2017 targeting 50 youngsters from Cité Tôle and La Chaux. In July 2017, various activities and educational tours were organised for the core team in partnership with 7 associations/NGO’s so as to sensitise participants on waste management and the environmental protection.

In October 2017, 14 eco bins and 3 recycling bins for PET bottles were installed in the vicinity of Cité la Chaux and Cité Tôle to enable proper waste management for the inhabitants, following which a survey carried out in the region.



Our Timeline

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