22 SEP 2016

MCB Group awarded the MCB Rodrigues Scholarship 2016 to Jean Alberto Sunglee and Louis Philippe Allas on Thursday 16th June

MCB Group awarded the MCB Rodrigues Scholarship 2016 to Jean Alberto Sunglee and Louis Philippe Allas on Thursday 16th June. They are both students of Rodrigues College.

Jean Alberto, from Petit Gabriel,  is the eldest of four children. He will study a BSc (Hons) "Telecommunications Engineering with Networking" on a full-time basis at the University of Mauritius.

Louis Philippe, from Mont Plaisir, is the youngest of three children and will undertake a full time BSc (Hons) in  "Applied Computing" at the University of Mauritius too.

The two scholars are respectively the 28th  and 29th scholars since the inception of MCB Rodrigues Scholarship. Jean Alberto and Louis Philippe were selected by the MCB Forward Foundation (MCBFF) and will, therefore have the opportunity to pursue their studies in Mauritius. The MCBFF was convinced by the values of  these students, such as the pursuit of excellence, rigor and dedication to work and study.

A secure future
The MCB Rodrigues Scholarship was created in 2000 to mark the 10th anniversary of MCB Port Mathurin. Each year, this scholarship is offered to a Rodriguan student who enrolled at the University of Mauritius. The selection is based on the following eligibility criteria: The beneficiary must be born in Rodrigues and to have accomplished their schooling in Rodrigues. The chosen field of study must be on full-time basis and in line with the economic development of Rodrigues. The beneficiary must not be a recipient of any other scholarship. The financial situation of the family is also taken into consideration when allocating the scholarship and finally, be willing to work on the island after graduating. The scholarship is awarded in the form of a monthly allowance to cover the expenses for school supplies, housing, transportation and airfare.

Commitment in Rodrigues
Through MCB Forward Foundation, MCB Group has developed numerous projects with NGOs in Rodrigues. The MCB Forward Foundation works for the deepening of social ties between the MCB Group and the public. Our presence in Rodrigues is clear evidence of the special place they hold in the heart of MCB Group.

In addition to projects already implemented, the MCBFF invested , during this financial year, in high social impact projects for Rodrigues : a second MCB Football Academy in Petite Butte , alternative economic activities for fishermen from the Terre Rouge region and the setting up of the Rodrigues Needs Students Association.


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