10 FEB 2017

MCBFF promotes learning in special needs schools

Over the past three years, MCB Forward Foundation has reviewed its strategy with regards to the education of its beneficiaries.
In this context, children from the MCB Football Academy and Social Housing projects have been removed from mainstream schools  and channeled to special needs ones such as Special Educational Needs Society (SENS) and Oasis de Paix.
MCBFF has monitored the educational progress of these children in partnership with these institutions.
We also have promoted support and psychological services to these children so that they build their own confidence and are able to express themselves properly.
These ingredients are key for them to succeed in their studies. In addition, MCBFF financed their transport costs, tuition fees and uniforms.
Today, the MCBFF's determination has been rewarded: eight children who took part in the 2016 CPE exams all succeeded.
MCBFF hosted an award ceremony for these students, in the presence of Gilbert Gnany, Group Chief Strategy Officer - MCB Group Ltd, as a token of encouragement for them to pursue their efforts.


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